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Our commitments: The fundamentals

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Dialogue is anchored in the group’s values and underlies AREVA’s commitments to diversity and to the personal, professional and social fulfillment of its employees.

AREVA invests in social dialogue

Social dialogue is a strong tradition at AREVA, as exemplified in its active policy of collective agreements.

AREVA innovates: AREVA signed a European Group Agreement in favor of equal opportunity in 2006. This is the first of a series of agreements on diversity, with:

  • The signature of 3 agreements on the employment of persons with disabilities
  • The signature of a group agreement on gender equality, first in 2013 and again in mid-2016
  • The signature of a group agreement on the development of the quality of work life in 2012, renewed in 2015 
  • The signature of a generational agreement at the group level in 2014
  • More recently, a fourth agreement promoting the employment of persons with disabilities, on April 25th, 2017

AREVA supports the personal development of all employees

  • Training 

    5% of payroll, equivalent to 34 hours of training per employee per year, is devoted to training at New AREVA.

  • Employee benefits and services

    A broad range of benefits and services are provided to employees so that each may pursue their personal interests: subsidized vacation checks and domestic services, funding of sports events and cultural activities, a company savings plan, etc.

  • Balancing work and home life

    To help parents balance work with family, AREVA offers company child care centers places and personalized support during child-related leave for maternity, adoption or parenthood.