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Our commitments: Diversity at AREVA

Men and women of diverse backgrounds in an office

AREVA Code of Ethics

“AREVA’s workforce is constituted without discrimination as to, in particular, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political opinions, national extraction or social origin.”

For AREVA, diversity is a driver for performance: it is a source of innovation, it broadens the exchange of ideas, and it brings differing views and skills together.

A woman and a man in front of a computer.

Diversity, a core component of AREVA’s policy

The AREVA group’s diversity policy is backed by its Code of Ethics and by the agreements it has signed. Founded on very specific principles, it is deployed by the Social Strategy and Diversity Department and by a specially dedicated network.

Two men working together

Activities in favor of diversity

At AREVA, diversity is no abstract concept. Events, partnerships, regular meetings, communication materials... The group and all of its sites conduct some activities, both internally and externally.