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Our commitments: openness, social dialogue and diversity

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AREVA seeks to ensure its employees’ personal fulfillment, particularly through respect for diversity.

As a fervent defender of equal opportunities, the group is deeply committed on both the human and social levels. This is reflected in its tradition of openness and social dialogue at every level of the organization, concerning employees, supervisors, employee representatives, or senior management. This commitment led to the development of a Code of ethics. The many activities conducted on behalf of diversity have made AREVA the first group in France to receive the Diversity Label from AFNOR, applicable to all of its entities in France.

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Commitments based on openness, dialogue and personal development for all

AREVA Way is a way of being and a way of acting and listening to employees. In other words, a way of allowing each employee to make a contribution to the successful achievement of the group’s commitments.

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What does diversity mean at AREVA?

Diversity means commitment at AREVA: it is the Code of ethics, it is membership in the UN Global Compact on human rights and labor standards, and it is the international charter on equal opportunity.

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A policy recognized by the Diversity Label

AFNOR awarded the Diversity Label to the group in March 2010. The label constitutes recognition of AREVA’s activities in favor of diversity and is a vital stepping stone towards further action in this area, by all of us.