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Our commitments : Recognition of our actions

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On March 5, 2010, AREVA became the first group in France to receive the Diversity Label from AFNOR for all of its entities in France.

The Diversity Label

The Diversity Label constitutes recognition of an initiative anchored in the values that make up AREVA’s culture, to which its employees subscribe. Afnor’s precise, demanding requirements for the label were an opportunity for the group to examine all of its HR processes and to make sure they are in compliance with them.

"This label belongs to each of the group’s employees"

Philippe Thurat, New AREVA’s Social Strategy and Diversity Department

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Phases for awarding the label

• Preliminary audit: interview of 200 diversity leaders in the group (July and August, 2009);

• Audit of 12 AREVA entities, the HR corporate function, the Business Groups and the members of the Executive Board (December 2009 to January 2010);

• Presentation of AFNOR’s report to the committee (French ministries, labor unions) and oral presentation by AREVA (March 2010);

• Then a follow-up audit in 2012 and a renewal audit in 2014.

An incentive to go further…

AREVA is not resting on its laurels with the award of the Diversity Label. The group has identified several areas for action, to get everyone involved in diversity and equal opportunity.

  • They are included in the assessments and action plans of each of the group’s entities;
  • They play a crucial role in recruitment and career development, with the goal being ever greater objectivity, traceability and transparency;
  • They are part of a training and awareness raising program;
  • They are integral to assessments of suppliers certified by AREVA.