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Our commitments: Activities in favor of diversity

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AREVA’s commitment to diversity may be seen in concrete facts and actions. A few examples, chosen from many...

Human Resources

  • Since 2010, AREVA has hired more than 700 people with disabilities, whether in open-ended contracts, fixed term contracts or under a work-study arrangement. On average, 80 employees, confident in the policy on disabilities in place for a number of years, have witnessed first-hand the quality of work opportunities for the disabled every year.
  • Since 2013, AREVA has devoted part of its budget to gender equality in the workplace. More than 1.3 million euros have been spent on this objective.
  • Frequently asked questions on philosophical and religious practices in the company have been set up and are updated regularly.

Raising awareness

  • Every year, the group participates in the European week on disability.
  • Every 15 days, an information sheet is issued on the topic of diversity.
  • New hires also receive information on the Diversity Policy.

Mentoring at AREVA: what’s is all about?

The WE network of AREVA group employees initiated mentoring in 2008 and has spearheaded it since then. Mentoring is not a training tool, a promotional mechanism or a vehicle for mobility. It is not mandatory, is not evaluated, and persons participating in it are not graded. So why do it?

AREVA does not hesitate to curb discrimination. In addition to legal action, the perpetrator of discrimination is subject to internal sanctions ranging from warnings to suspension, even dismissal. Anyone, whether employee or prospective employee, may share his or her concerns with the Social Strategy and Diversity Department if he or she believes he or she has been the subject of discrimination (