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How to apply: fake announcements


Job candidates: be wary of fake announcements

An outbreak of fake job offers under the AREVA banner has been noted by the Group since January 2012. These announcements are posted on the web by ill-intentioned people and contain false e-mail addresses and links to fake websites.

Called “phishing”, these acts are designed to collect personal and banking information under false pretenses to get money from you. These computer “hackers” send e-mails or text messages bearing the names of banks or major groups such as AREVA to further their designs.

To prevent your personal and banking information from being used for fraudulent purposes, never provide them by e-mail. This is especially true of:

  • your bank card number,
  • your bank account information,
  • your social security number.

Also be wary of responding to a suspicious-looking text message from a person or phone number you don't know, especially if you are asked for this type of information.

AREVA never sends e-mails, text messages or voice messages concerning job offers in the Group.
Job offers in the entities of the AREVA group are only posted on the website The only way to respond to one of these offers is to fill in the online application.

Any other application process may be an attempt at phishing.