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Our commitments: Discover the Diversity Report

AREVA is releasing its Diversity Report for the fourth year in a row.

The 2013 Diversity Report is available to AREVA employees, managers and stakeholders. It is the result of a permanent dialogue between the Group’s management and its labor partners, who participate in defining our diversity policy and at all stages of implementation.

A pragmatic communication tool, source of progress

This year, the report underlines once again which practical actions on the group’s sites in France boost diversity and equal opportunity in accordance with the group’s commitments, calling attention to developments in our results. This enables us to assess the progress we still have to make in terms of diversity.

Diversity, a business challenge that makes a long-term difference

“AREVA works concretely on valuing diversity, in order to support group performance, in the knowledge that diversity is source of strength and enriches our values. We measure the results of this commitment, so we can continue to make progress. The battle is not yet won, but 2012 was positive overall, with a 4.56% employment rate of people with disabilities, 22,5% of women in the group's Management Committees in France, more than 5% of work-study placements, as well as over 250 actions in favor of social, ethnic and cultural diversity.”

Philippe Thurat, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Director for the AREVA group

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