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Work-study, a path to the future

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AREVA provides opportunities for young people and the unemployed by offering numerous apprenticeship and professionalization contracts. Whether you have a vocational training certificate or are training to be an engineer, short- and long-term work study placements are available in a wide variety of fields: engineering, production, maintenance, quality, nuclear safety, logistics, chemistry, human resources, communications, purchasing, finance and many more. No matter what your course of study, there’s a placement for you.

The group sees work-study placement as a way of attracting future talents and offers a motivating training path which can lead to a fascinating and rewarding professional career.

The Human Resources Department, managers and tutors select the students as carefully as if they were recruiting full-time employees.

To fill its open-ended employment contracts in 2017, 2018 and 2019, AREVA will place special emphasis on applications from work-study employees holding diplomas in the technical disciplines. Its objective is for at least 25% of its hires to come from the pool of work-study employees.

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