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My integration: First steps with AREVA

An employee with his mentor

AREVA places great importance on the integration of its new talents. Special frameworks are in place to help you take your first steps with our group: welcome meetings, site visits, integration seminars, mentoring and more. As a result, you will quickly adopt the group values and start building your career!

Integration program

This helps new recruits integrate smoothly into the group by learning about its values and commitments, and through a special internal network. The program includes site visits, integration seminars and a mentoring scheme. Since 2009, newly recruited engineers and management staff in Europe have benefited from an 11-day professional integration program offered by the AREVA University.

Regular follow-up with your manager

Throughout your first year with AREVA, you will meet regularly with your direct supervisor to check on your integration process. Various training programs are available to help you adjust to your new position.

The Values Charter

The Values Charter brings together the group’s rules of conduct that govern day-to-day professional decisions and actions at AREVA. Translated into 11 languages and issued to each new employee, it is a source of reference in terms of your rights and responsibilities towards the group and its stakeholders.


Personalized integration program: become more familiar

Particular care is taken with the first steps for new AREVA employees: welcome workshops, meetings or the sharing of experiences allow them to ask all their questions. Once they have started work, managers and experienced employees offer essential support in their turn.