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How to apply

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At AREVA, the online recruitment process take place in three stages. Recruitment officers and support staff work closely to assess your profile and select the most appropriate applicants.

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1. We review your application

If your profile matches our requirements, a recruitment officer will contact you.

2. Initial meeting

A recruitment officer meets you to assess your personality, qualifications and previous experience and personality. He or she will determine if the job matches your aspirations and if you are a strong candidates for the position.

3. Final interviews

If the recruitment officer decides you fit the profile required, you will be invited to interviews with operational managers to assess your suitability for the job. After these interviews, they will make a decision in joint consultation.

If they are in agreement, they will offer you the job. If you are joining an AREVA organization that requires a contract, we will prepare the document and after you sign it, you join the group.


How to apply with Social Media

You can join us thanks to Facebook by applying to our job offers or recommending them to your friends.