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Our professions: Managing and developing


The nature of the group's activities requires that support functions, from human resources to finance, focus on the particular issues and technologies associated with energy professions. This is the best approach to effectively assist them in their development.


  • Supply the financial structure adapted to the activities
  • Define and implement the human resources policy
  • Communicate
  • Ensure legal control
  • Implement and streamline information systems
  • Integrate purchases in decision-making processes

An example of our careers:

  • Buyer: centralizes purchases and oversees proper synergy between teams, looks for improved purchase sources and implements framework agreements.


  • Purchasing: market managers, purchasing coordinators, methods and control managers
  • Communications: internal communications, external communications, public relations, community relations
  • Finance: accounts, finance, management control, cash management
  • Audit: junior/senior auditors
  • Legal: all legal roles
  • Human resources: HR development, employee relations, training and professional development, compensation, benefits, recruiting and staffing
  • Strategy: strategic planning, business portfolio review, mergers and acquisitions