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Our professions: Producing and maintaining

A man on a construction site

AREVA provides a vast number of people with safer, cleaner, and cheaper energy. This is why production engineers and maintenance engineers ensure production levels that comply with the requirements of nuclear authorities, legislation and clients, along with testing and maintaining facilities.


  • Defining manufacturing processes
  • Guaranteeing production levels that meet client demand
  • Managing the start-up, testing and maintenance of facilities
  • Implementing specific tools


  • Intervention: project management, construction, industrial tests, client maintenance and upgrade service
  • Planning, scheduling, logistics
  • Production: geological checks, mining extraction, facility checks, manufacturing

The intervention, manufacturing and construction roles involve production and facility maintenance professionals in particular as well as checking and test engineers.


Gilles, Civil Engineering Referent

Within the Engineering and Projects department, Gilles strives to define and update the AREVA standards concerning civil engineering. He also supports projects by bringing his experience and his technical expertise. Hired as a civil engineer, Gilles worked in several fields before becoming an expert for the group.