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AREVA ordinary shares are listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange - ISIN code: FR0011027143. Discover the steps to take, depending on your chosen method of purchasing AREVA shares.

What are the various shareholding options?

  • Bearer shares: accounts for the bearer's shares are maintained by a financial intermediary and are therefore unknown to the issuing company.
  • Registered shares: the shares are registered directly and solely within the issuing company's accounts, which enables it to provide personalized service.

What are the advantages of registered shares?

  • Be exempt from custody account charges and management fees
  • Automatically receive AREVA group information
  • Have a personal contact for share management at + 33 (0)2 51 85 67 89
  • Get acquainted with the AREVA group's Shareholder department

Whom to contact:

If you wish to purchase registered shares:

Custodian and transfer services are provided by:

Société Générale Securities Services - SGSS SBO CSS BOC
32, rue du Champ de Tir - CS 30812
44308 Nantes Cedex 3, France
Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89  

If you wish to purchase bearer shares:

Contact the financial intermediary managing your account (bank, equity manager, stock exchange company or online broker).

How to switch shareholding options

To switch from bearer shares to registered shares only, simply contact the financial intermediary managing your bearer shares. This intermediary will be able to initiate transfer transactions to our shares department, the contact details for which are given above.