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HINKLEY POINT, United Kingdom

HINKLEY POINT, United Kingdom

Two EPR reactors at EDF's Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, the first of a new generation in the UK

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Customer: EDF Energy.

Supplier: AREVA.

Supply scope: 2 EPR units Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS).

Net electric output: 2 x 1,600 MWe.

Reactor thermal output: 4,500 MWth.

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For the project, EDF, via its UK subsidiary, EDF Energy with its partner British utility Centrica, plans to construct two nuclear power plants based on EPR technology at the Hinkley Point site, on the Somerset coast in South-Western England, and two reactors at the Sizewell site in Suffolk County, in East of England.

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  • July 2011: Contract signed between EDF Energy and AREVA enabling AREVA to start manufacturing of the heavy forgings required for critical reactor components EDF Energy received consent from local authorities in Somerset to start site preparation of Hinkley Point C.
  • October 2011: EDF Energy applied for consent to construct and operate a new NPP at Hinkley Point from the UK's Infrastructure Planning Commission.
  • December 2011: Framework contract for NSSS and operational I&C and work order announced by EDF. This allows AREVA to start the first engineering designs related to the NSSS of the two Hinkley Point units.
  • February 2012: Signature of a MOU between EDF Energy and AREVA where both companies agree on the commitment to finalise key NSSS contract for Hinkley Point C.
  • End 2012: Planned EDF final investment decision.

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Supply Scope

AREVA will be involved in all activities related to the UK EPR Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) project:

  • Design and procurement,
  • Erection and commissioning,
  • Digital control system:
    • Safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C),
    • NSSS operational I&C engineering,
    • Simulator for safety I&C and core control I&C system.

EDF Energy is responsible for the overall project management.
EDF is the Architect Engineer.
Civil Work and Turbine Island suppliers are selected by EDF.

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AREVA Supply Chain

British companies have been identified as potential suppliers being integrated in a globally qualified industrial supply chain and industrial partnerships have already been secured.
An important Co-operation Agreement has been signed committing AREVA and Rolls Royce for future contracts.

Main primary equipment work:
  • Forgings: AREVA Creusot Forge, France and Japan Steel Works (JSW) in Muroran, Japan
  • Reactor Pressure Vessel, steam generators and pressurizer: AREVA Chalon Saint-Marcel, France
  • Reactor coolant pumps and control rod drive mechanisms: AREVA Jeumont Solutions For Pumps and Mechanisms (JSPM), France

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  • AREVA Project Resources:
    At the current stage, several hundreds of engineers are already working on the project.
  • Full plant construction site employees:
    At the height of construction, 5,600 people will be mobilized and in the operational phase 900 employees will be needed at Hinkley Point.

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Key Milestones

The first phase, the subject of the contract signed in December 2011 between EDF and AREVA and for a minimum duration of 13 months, deals with the completion of the basic design related to the NSSS of the two Hinkley Point units.

The supply phase had been anticipated in July 2011 by the EDF Energy – AREVA agreement allowing for the launch of the manufacture of forgings for the first of the two EPR reactors.

The construction phase of the NSSS is subject to a final investment decision to be taken by EDF end of 2012.

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Licensing Process

The Health & Safety Executive's (HSE) Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and Environment Agency (EA) have developed a two-phase licensing process: Generic Design Assessment (Phase 1) and Specific plant licensing/permitting (Phase 2).

After four years of the most detailed and careful examination of the EPR™ design by the UK regulators, phase 1 is now in the final phase of completion with the integration of post-Fukushima recommendations. In fact, AREVA and EDF submitted the EPR™ reactor design to UK authorities in July 2007. ONR granted an interim Design Acceptance Confirmation (IDAC) and EA an interim Statement of Design Acceptability (ISODA) in December 2011 concluding that they are largely satisfied with both the design and the safety case of EPR™.

Phase 2 has started with project execution for Hinkley Point C under EDF Energy responsibility and in which AREVA as NSSS supplier and EDF as Architect Engineer have major roles. In July 2011, EDF Energy applied for the Nuclear Site License. Next step will be the submission of safety reports to ONR in 2014.

Field Report #9 : Project Delivery

Field Report #9 : Project Delivery

On October 23, the Taishan 1 EPR™ reactor built in China by TNPJVC reached a major milestone with the successful dome lifting.

Find out how this achievement is a good illustration of AREVA’s ability to convert lessons learned captured from Olkiluoto 3 and Flamanville 3 into solid results.

EPR™ reactor – 1,600+MWe

The production capacity of the EPR™ water pressure reactor, the first generation III+ model, makes it one of the most powerful reactors in the world.

The range of reactors

AREVA is responding to the needs of its clients by enlarging its power range with third generation models.