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EnergyBusiness n°11 - Quarter 1, 2011

Energy Business n°10 magazine

The latest issue of EnergyBusiness, AREVA’s quarterly international business magazine, has been published. In this 11th issue, learn more on North American Clean Energy Parks initiative that is a key element to meet energy challenges in this region of the world.

You will also find a special report on the successful alliance with Vattenfall at Ringhals Unit 1 to install the new reactor protection system (RPS).

Also in this issue:

  • · a coverage on cold crucible
  • · a report on fuel reliability, a key success factor to reactors’ operational performance, and
  • · an article on Georges Besse II, AREVA’s new enrichment facility that will contribute to customers’ fuel security of supply.

EnergyBusiness n°10 - Quarter 2, 2010

Energy Business n°10 magazine

In this 10th issue, read a complete coverage on China, in which Marc Andolenko, President of AREVA China, reviews the energy challenges faced by this fast growing country, as well as projects under construction and the long-term partnership, we have forged for more than 20 years with our local customer.

You will also find a special report on the successful Extended Power Uprate (EPU) at Crystal River, Unit 3, with an exclusive interview of a Progress Energy representative, who gives us the main reasons for this success.

Also in this issue:

  • · an article on digital I&C systems,
  • · a detailed analysis of the survey, conducted in 7 countries by AREVA, in collaboration with TNS Sofres, on perceptions about used nuclear fuel.

EnergyBusiness n°9 - Quarter 1, 2010

Energy Business n°9 magazine

In this 9th issue, read a complete coverage on Japan with:

- a regional focus, in which Remy Autebert, President of AREVA Japan, presents the nuclear policy in Japan, as well as the historic partnership AREVA has nurtured over the last 40 years in this country.

- a special interview with M. Masuhiro Nakano, General Manager, MOX Fuel Quality Management Group of the Nuclear Power Operation Department at Kyushu Electric Power Company, who gives us his feedback on the 20 years’ partnership between our companies, following KYUSHU’s first successful electricity production from MOX fuel.

You will also find a special report on AREVA’s fuel strategy. In this article, Louis-François Durret, Executive Vice President Fuel, explains that AREVA has achieved its rank of global leader in designing, manufacturing and supply of nuclear fuel, especially by working continuously with our customers on fuel performance.

Also in this issue:

  • · an article on EXCENT, an innovative offering, which helps our customers to improve the operational performance of their installed plants,
  • · an article on AREVA’s Human Resources strategy, in order to meet major utilities’ growing needs in a context of nuclear renaissance, and
  • · a presentation of our corporate patronage policy and activities of the AREVA Foundation.

EnergyBusiness n°8 - Quarter 4, 2009

Energy Business n°8 magazine

In this 8th issue, read a special report on the Renewable Energies Business Unit, in which Anil Srivastava, AREVA Renewable CEO, is presenting the portfolio of his activities, as well as his strategy to meet future challenges.

You will also find a regional focus on the U.S., where the AREVA Newport News groundbreaking ceremony took place, paving the way for AREVA’s global Nuclear Renaissance Strategy.

On Copenhagen’s International Conference, you can read complete coverage on climate change and AREVA’s solutions for CO2-free power generation.

Also in this issue:

  • · an article on the full MOX core EPR™ reactor,
  • · an article on our new conversion facility project, COMURHEX II project.

EnergyBusiness n°7 - Quarter 2, 2009

Energy Business n°7 magazine

In this 7th issue, read a special report on Security of Supply, or how, in a context of Nuclear Renaissance, AREVA considers security of supply as a top priority at every stage of the nuclear cycle.

You will be able to find out more on our customer satisfaction approach, and how it is perceived by our clients, through Jim Morris, Site Vice President for Duke Energy's Catawba Nuclear Station USA, and Jean Van Vyve, Chief Nuclear Officer for Electrabel, GDF-Suez group testimonials.

To be read as well in this issue:

  • · a regional focus on the UK,
  • · an article on SmartGrids, highlighting AREVA T&D's innovations in this particular field.

EnergyBusiness n°6 - Issue Quarter 1, 2009

Energy Business n°6 magazine

In this 6th issue, read a special report on AREVA T&D in India, with the interview of Rathin Basu, Country President - AREVA T&D India, explaining the company’s strategy in that country, where the electricity demand is growing fast and distribution grids should be modernized.

You will also be able to find out more on AREVA ‘s localization strategy, that is aiming to help “partner-countries” benefit from its long-term industrial know-how.

To be read as well in this issue:

  • · a focus on the new reactors licensing process,
  • · an article on the group’s mining activities.

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