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A pilot for project logistics

Four workers installing liner rings of the OL3 EPR reactor in Finland

AREVA can serve as the control hub for multiple operations inherent to the organization of a nuclear work site. For clients, this solution makes it possible to become free of logistics and have a single point of contact.

Services relate to all aspects of a nuclear worksite: Planning and coordination of operations.

  • Planning and coordination of operations,
  • Security and radioprotection on the work site,
  • Field preparation: Perimeter sweep, erection of scaffolding, etc.,
  • Working logistics : Handling and hoisting,
  • Waste treatment logistics: treatment and management of waste, clean-up,
  • Maintenance logistics Maintenance, tool management, unit decontamination management.

A single interface

Mobilization of a team on the Olkiluoto work site

  • A single interface to optimally manage all tasks.
  • Dedicated reactivity for team mobilization.
  • Accounting for client interests: timeframes, dosimetry, waste management, etc.

Streamlining unit outage time

AREVA supports its clients in the organization of their unit outages in order to optimize how it takes place and reduce the duration.

Global Worksite Assistance Services

These teams provide repair and maintenance logistics for nuclear power plants, whether they are running or suspended.

Specialized Maintenance

AREVA performs specialized maintenance operations, mechanical repairs, rigging of equipment, or nuclear installations.