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Learning Solutions


key figures:

+ 1,000 training programs
+ 400
professional trainers and technical experts
+ 20 training centers
in France, Germany, U.S.
+ 100 international academic and industrial partnerships
+ 10,000 m2
of installations for training

As a world leader in nuclear energy, AREVA provides its customers and partners with global learning solutions in development of competencies.

AREVA also offers a complete range of ‘Human Capacity Building’ services adapted to the needs of new comers as well as current actors in the nuclear field in the framework of nuclear projects and programs.

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Training programs

The catalogue includes a foreword which presents our activities and some of the training programs available, all of which can be taught in French or English in the country of your choice.

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Innovative products of training

AREVA Learning Solutions developed innovative training products such as the immersive virtual reality room and SIBAG, the first "serious game" simulator for training nuclear operators. 

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WNE - A successful experience for AREVA Learning Solutions

AREVA Learning Solutions participated actively in WNE, the 1st World Nuclear Exhibition at Le Bourget:

  • Presentation of training activities on AREVA booth
  • Presentation on training activities on I2EN booth as an industrial partner of I2EN
  • Commercial presentation on ‘Human Capacity Building’ topic
  • Support of AREVA customers to visit CETIC center and Le Creusot site

We had the opportunity to present our innovative training products to more than 300 people at WNE, students, AREVA employees, customers and partners: such as the immersive virtual reality room and SIBAG, the first "serious game" simulator for training nuclear operators.





Following the decision of Polish government to develop nuclear energy, AREVA, in partnership with all French nuclear energy stakeholders, designed a six-week learning expedition program for Polish University Professors to help them to create their own teaching programs.

EPR™ reactor – 1,600+MWe

The production capacity of the EPR™ water pressure reactor, the first generation III+ model, makes it one of the most powerful reactors in the world.

Streamlining unit outage time

AREVA supports its clients in the organization of their unit outages in order to optimize how it takes place and reduce the duration.

A line of bonded fuels

The range of fuel assemblies applies to all types of boiling water- or pressurized water reactors. It integrates all stages of the cycle leading to the supply of fuel to clients.