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Chemistry for greater performance and safety

Artur robot (piping maintenance tool) in action

Renowned leader in the field of nuclear facilities chemistry and corrosion protection, AREVA offers solutions that meet different needs.

Chemical cleaning of steam generators

The procedure consists of removing deposits that accumulate in the secondary cooling systems of steam generators, so that they return to their maximum heat exchange efficiency.

  • Deposit Minimization Treatment: this new low temperature steam generator chemical cleaning procedure is highly effective without any risk of damage to the component.


Decontamination technologies aim to reduce the exposure of personnel to radiation during maintenance operations and repairs, or during disassembly of the component.

AREVA is active in all stages of the service life of a power plant:

  • Operating power plants: the procedures reduce the level of ambient radioactivity. For example, AREVA offers decontamination of a component as a maintenance job.
  • Power plants undergoing decommissioning: reduction of radioactivity of primary cooling system components.

Protection of piping against corrosion

Thanks to its expertise in water chemistry, AREVA can offer techniques and recommendations that reduce the risk of corrosion in the reactor piping.

Adhesive and coating technology

AREVA has developed very high performance surface adhesive and coating technologies in order to protect them from corrosion. This technology is also used in reactor cavities.

A solid, proven technological basis

  • Solutions for all types of needs: thanks to our proven technological basis and our development abilities (in our global and regional R&D centers), we are even able to develop all types of chemical solution and to respond to any special needs.
  • The expertise of a component designer/manufacturer: thanks to our extensive experience, our recommendations and procedures are supported by our thorough knowledge of reactor operation.

Responsible spent water management

Our spent water reprocessing procedure enables us to recycle water and to reduce the amount of waste to a minimum.

Nuclear Measurements

The offer includes a series of radiological protection related equipment, consultancy services and software tools.