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Large components at their maximum capacity

Operating a steam generator at the Bugey 4 power plant

By maintaining the major components in optimal working condition, AREVA helps its customers to sustain or increase the performance and safety of their facilities. These services also aim to increase their service life.

Our maintenance solutions for major components aim to protect them from damage, to repair them or to replace them so that they are in optimum working condition at all times. It is also possible to install improved components at the customer's request.

Our services relate to:

  • Steam generators
  • Reactor vessel caps
  • internal vessel equipment
  • Pressurizers
  • Pipes in the reactor coolant system
  • Primary pumps

Large components at their maximum capacity

  • Synergies with design/manufacturing units: they enable us to provide a global component replacement service for all phases, from design up to manufacture of new components and to install them in the reactor.
  • Trained, qualified teams, constantly learning about the best nuclear techniques in our specialist centers. We also benefit from expertise in the management of large-scale projects. Controlled worksites, thanks to solid international experience. We have performed over forty steam generator replacement operations and around 90 reactor vessel cap replacements around the world.
  • Managed sites: we have acquired solid international experience through more than forty steam generator replacement operations and around 90 reactor vessel cap replacements around the world.
  • Off-site repairs for certain components (pumps, control rod drive mechanisms, etc.). Carried out in our specialist workshops, the advantage of these operations is that they do not impact unit outages.

A set of high technology tools

We have developed a set of high technology tools suited to component repair and inspection initiatives:

  • Robotic carriers and remote control for steam generators.
  • In-pipe manipulators for piping (machines traveling within the pipes).
  • Operation masts in internal vessel equipment.
  • etc.

Modification and improvement

AREVA provides with customized and global services to improve nuclear facilities. The offer includes engineering and the completion of tests.

Modernization to increase competitiveness

In order to respond to the competitiveness objectives of plant operators, AREVA is overseeing modernization projects on nuclear power plants right across the globe.

Heavy components

At Chalon/Saint-Marcel, in France, AREVA has a site without equal anywhere in the world for the manufacture of heavy components for power plants.