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Providing consulting, application development and outsourcing solutions for the nuclear industries.

AREVA fulfills its clients needs with the right solutions to optimize and secure the life cycle of their industrial assets: design, construction, operation, dismantling.

Industrial performance consulting

AREVA's consultants are experts in the management of nuclear processes and organizations:

  • They help to increase performance by improving operational processes and optimizing the assets management.
  • They perform at strategic and operational levels.

Plant supervision, production management

  • Conception and implementation of operational instrumentation and control as well as facilities safety.
  • Development of production management tools for nuclear power plants.


  • Development of nuclear reference frameworks for design and operations, based upon CAD technical data and documents. 


Design and development of solutions to manage and to optimize:

  • Maintenance operations, nuclear power unit outages and ongoing operations,
  • The life cycle of the assets 

Radiological protection and environmental management

A range of 3 main applications:

  • Management of people radiation protection system (CARD),
  • Environmental data management system (EXPR),
  • Virtual reality radioactive dose simulation tool during maintenance and dismantling operations (NARVEOS).

And also, other customized solutions.

Nuclear materials and waste management

Development of customized applications for:

  • The physical management of materials and waste and their traceability, 
  • Waste and materials monitoring, reporting and accounting.

These solutions are used by fuel cycle manufacturers, nuclear power plant operators and international inspection organizations.

Design simulators

  • "Salomé" simulation platform (available in open source) which provides the power of computer-aided design codes.

Integration and security

  • Integration of nuclear applications into the company's core systems (ERP, business intelligence...)
  • Design and implementation of secure architectures required by the applications: maintenance and operation of these infrastructures, down to the plant's industrial systems.

The support of a nuclear expert

Taishan EPR reactor under construction in September 2009

  • A unique combination of expertises. Euriware, an AREVA subsidiary, has two areas of expertise: design of information systems and nuclear knowledge, from the construction of power plants through the management of end to end fuel cycle.


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Risk management

AREVA assists its clients in risk assessment and management. Its expertise is based on its familiarity with international standards.