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Assessing and overcoming risks

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AREVA assists general contractors and nuclear operators in their risk assessment and management obligations. Its added value: recognized expertise in French and British standards; proven familiarity with international standards.

Risk management of a nuclear facility, from the project planning phase to dismantling, is part of a demanding and changing legal and regulatory framework.

General contractors and nuclear operators are required to show exemplary ability in:

  • Safety of installation
  • Personal safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Integration of the validation processes for regulatory reviews by involved parties, including the public

A customized range of solutions

AREVA responds to this demand with a customized range of guidance and services distinguished by:

  • A global approach to risk: analysis focusing on technical, human, and organizational elements.
  • A broad covering of needs:
    • by type of risk:  radiological, chemical, criticality, fire, attack
    • by perimeter covered: assessment of the consequences inside the facility and on the environment
    • by types of facilities concerned: laboratory plant for front-end and back-end cycles
  • A solid familiarity with national and international standards in nuclear safety and environmental impact assessment.

Consulting services

  • Performance of audits and diagnostics
  • Development of initiatives and processes for safety, environment- and performance
  • Application of policies and standards at the installation-, establishment, and site- level
  • Performance of Peer Reviews on safety management and culture for review cases

Service delivery

  • Definition and follow-up of requirements for safety, human and organizational factors (HOF), environmental impact, integrated logistical supply (ILS)
  • Development of regulatory cases: safety cases, hazard studies, impact assessment, waste management studies, internal emergency plans, dismantling plans cases
  • Performance of safety re-evaluation: feedback cases, safety improvement plans
  • Integration of the validation processes for regulatory reviews by stakeholders, including the public

An interdisciplinary and international network of experts

Woman from a lab performing an environmental inspection

  • A complete integration of regulatory matters. Free from the tasks of compiling and monitoring cases studies, clients can focus on their operating mission.
  • Scheduling control. Our know-how and debriefing guarantee minimal time frames for compilation and instruction of case files.
  • An optimized response. Our 200 experts renowned by AREVA and the Safety Authorities bring a response adapted to client needs. Clients thereby benefit from the best approaches and practices.
  • Extensive familiarity with national and international standards.
    • French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)
    • Health Safety Environmental (HSE), Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) for the United Kingdom
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the United States
    • Euratom
    • International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA)