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Fastest possible monitoring results

Inspection of the vessel with MIS 7 of the nuclear power plant in Paluel

AREVA performs non-destructive checks to be completed during unit shutdowns. Its ability to mobilize skills at global level and to gather many advanced technologies enables quality services suited to operator's needs and to regulatory obligations.

The largest range of inspection techniques

AREVA provides a high performance service within very short deadlines. Among the techniques used: ultrasound, eddy currents, radiographic examinations, etc.

The global organization of the group enables us to mobilize multiple skills suited to perform all types of remotely or manually operated inspections.

To enable our clients to have the best performing equipment at all times, AREVA designs and develops its non-destructive testing tools - from sensors to full systems.

A comprehensive service

The Susi robot - a submarine control tool for nuclear maintenance

  • A flexible, comprehensive service: we can perform all types of inspection;: we offer solutions and resources customized for our customer's needs.
  • Forty years of international experience: providing a strong familiarity with standards and regulations.
  • Innovative, high-performance tools: our NETEC global technical center and our R&D centers are constantly at work to move our tools forward. Aim: to reduce inspection and radiation exposure time even more, and adapt to new regulatory requirements.

AREVA offers the widest range of inspections for all types of operational reactors.

Inspections relate to primary cooling system components: steam generators, reactor coolant loop and vessel, instrument inside the core, piping, heat exchangers, welds, etc.

Constant innovation

Examples of recent tools which are helping to reduce inspection times and increase the reliability of results:

  • Mechanized vessel inspection systems MIS7 and TWS.
  • The submarine robot Susi, used to thoroughly examine internal structures or fuel elements.
  • A tool, Jasper, for inspecting control rod drive bars.

Monitoring and diagnostics solutions

AREVA offers the monitoring of components and apparatus operating in the reactor. This solution prevents failures and helps with maintenance.