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Delegating operation of cleanup facilities

Low-level waste compacting press in the Cherbourg plant

AREVA operates facilities for processing material and equipment contaminated with low and medium-level radioactivity for its clients. Customers can therefore focus on their core business as nuclear facility operators or fuel cycle industrialists.

All nuclear activity involves decontamination operations. AREVA monitors all stages of processing the material and equipment contaminated with low- and medium- level radioactivity: decontamination, pressing, drumming etc.

With this offer, AREVA‘s clients can delegate operation of their decontamination facilities to them. The production objectives to be achieved, delivery lead times and the streamlining of packaging and productivity are defined in collaboration with the client.

The offer covers various types of facility:

  • Plants for processing materials contaminated with low- and medium- level radioactivity,
  • Decontamination plants,
  • Waste storage facilities,
  • Laundry facilities etc.

Outsourcing waste treatment

AREVA also has its own decontamination plant, Triade, in France, designed to accept and treat client waste. Triade is a French institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety (ICPE).

Focusing on core business

Decontamination unit of the R2 high level extraction plant in La Hague

  • Complete delegation of the decontamination process. By delegating operation of their facilities for treating contaminated equipment and materials to a specialist, clients can concentrate on developing their strategic activities as nuclear plant operators or research activities.
  • Recognized expertise. Major organizations have been placing their trust in AREVA for forty years: the French atomic energy commission, the French governmental agency for radioactive waste management, EDF etc.

Site disassembly and reevaluation

AREVA supports its clients with the disassembling and rehabilitation of their sites. Thanks to its expertise, its solutions are competitive and safe.


The cleanup business provides operators with global services, allowing them to work in a safe and clean nuclear environment.