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Optimizing availability

Man demonstrating the OneProd MVX system

For increased competitiveness, electricity producers are seeking to optimize their production tool. OneProd dedicated conditional maintenance solutions for rotating machinery (motors, pumps, etc) meet this need.

Through accurately monitoring the operation of machinery and expert analysis of the collected data, the OneProd solutions:

  • Increase the availability of rotating machinery, thanks to the prevention of malfunction risks and scheduled maintenance operations.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: the maintenance service schedule is monitored and, if they are necessary, maintenance operations are only started at the most appropriate time.

The range of techniques used (vibration analysis, electrical measurement, lubricant or thermography analysis), along with the expertise of our teams, enables us to draw up comprehensive and reliable diagnostics.

Our modular offer allows us to build the most suitable solution based on our customers' needs and strategies. The guidelines relate to:

  • Deployed techniques, depending on the necessary monitoring,
  • The monitoring method, continuous or periodic, local or remote,
  • Our commitment level, which can go up to a contractual commitment to achieve results.

Improved competitiveness

  • Rotating machines more available and more reliable.
  • A safer environment: machine operation is carried out under more controlled conditions.
  • A positive financial impact from the first year: thanks to lower maintenance costs and increased production.
  • Reliable diagnostics: thanks to proven methodology and the completeness of the many techniques employed.
  • A partner committed to results, by means of appropriate contracts.

An integrated modular solution

OneProd is the integrated multitechnical, modular conditional maintenance solution for a wide area of applications.

With its web architecture, among other things, it enables the remote monitoring of machinery for greater flexibility.

Chemistry and decontamination

AREVA offers solutions for all types of requirements in the field of nuclear facilities chemistry and corrosion protection.

Technological innovation

AREVA's R& section helps to maintain a high quality level of nuclear services and reduce the length of outages.