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Safe facilities, protected workers

Canberra's ISOCS ( In Situ Object Counting System)

AREVA provides onsite radiation protection solutions, consulting services and measurement equipment. Clients can therefore run safe facilities where  employees are protected.

Fuel cycle industrialists and operators of nuclear power plants must ensure the safety of their facilities and sites and guarantee the safety of personnel.

AREVA provides a range of solutions which include consulting services, measurement equipment and software tools, which are able to fulfill expectations in terms of nuclear measurement and radiation protection.


  • Consulting services for radiological protection,
  • Onsite radiological protection and site technical support services (zoning, still air measurement etc.),
  • Ventilation and filtration inspection services,
  • Environmental impact assessment, measurement of waste radioactivity.

Measurement devices and instruments

AREVA provides a full range of radiation protection systems and measurement instruments:

  • Sensors, meters,
  • Radiological protection devices: contamination monitors and probes, dosimeters,
  • Analyzers and nuclear instruments,
  • Environmental and radiation monitoring systems.

  Software tools

AREVA provides radiological systems management and monitoring software.

The widest range on the market

Screen showing the monitoring of dosimeters

  • A global offer combining measurement instruments and services.
  • The widest range of equipment on the market.
  • 40 years experience in nuclear measurement and worldwide references: IAEA, CEA, Duke Energy, EDF, Electrabel, Exxon, Progress Energy, etc.

In-service inspection

AREVA performs non-destructive checks during unit shutdowns. This inspection uses the best experts and shortens waiting times.

Nuclear Measurements: safety and security

The Nuclear Measurements BU designs, manufactures and markets key instruments and systems for detecting and measuring radioactivity.

Studies, radiological protection safety, measurements

AREVA offers radiological protection services, nuclear and environmental measurements, nuclear site dismantling and cleanup.