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A global approach for the long term

Reactor 2 reloading at Daya Bay (China) after unit shutdown

AREVA offers a global maintenance approach for power plants and/or component lifecycle management. This integrated service is offered with a commitment for results, particularly in terms of performance and safety.

Our integrated range of services provides our customers with:

  • A global maintenance approach for power plants and/or major component lifecycle management.

  • Innovative partnerships over the long term, with a service provider capable of making performance commitments for power plants.

  • A reduction in personnel exposure to radiation.

Solutions are provided according to different service plans, which can be combined.

Integrated unit shutdown management service

By choosing this solution, our customers entrust us with all activities linked with unit shutdowns, including the initial planning and organization phase.

Our commitment to results pertains to crucial shutdown factors:

  • Safety,
  • Duration,
  • Performance and availability levels of the power plant during the following operational cycle,
  • Radiation exposure.

Integrated component lifecycle management service

This service consists of supervising lifecycle management for a major component: inspection, maintenance, repair and/or replacement, etc.

Component repair and replacement solutions are provided in relation to asset management. They are developed based on prior technico-economic analyses in close collaboration with the operator.

For these components, the commitment mainly affects performance. The relevant components are:

  • Steam generators,
  • Valves,
  • Pumps and motors.

A committed partner

  • A global approach for unit shutdowns with a commitment to success.
  • A single interface to manage a multitude of tasks and actors.
  • Legacy component management, focused on their level of performance and their compatibility with our customer's financial objectives.
  • A partner with a global skill base and several decades of uninterrupted experience
  • A reduction in personnel exposure to radiation.
  • Services available on all types of power plants.


The integrated unit outage control provides for the performance of all the works arising during a shutdown:

  • Organization, scheduling, management of sub-contractors,
  • Reloading of fuel and related work,
  • Services relating to the vessel and steam generators,
  • Inspection works,
  • Repair and/or replacement of components, if required,
  • Maintenance tests for the various electrical systems and instrumentation and controls,
  • Special services (chemical cleaning, etc.),
  • Waste management,
  • etc.

Streamlining unit outage time

AREVA supports its clients in the organization of their unit outages in order to optimize how it takes place and reduce the duration.

The commitment of a long-lasting partnership

AREVA offers its clients a long-term partnership with the objective of producing safe and competitive energy.