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Streamlining unit outage time

Men during unit outage at Gravelines 3

Producers of electricity aim to reduce unit outage time to a minimum. AREVA assists them in the organization of this period in order to optimize how this takes place.

The service aims to plan and organize the unfolding of all activities associated with a unit outage in order to reduce the power plant's downtime to a minimum.  This preparatory stage begins 8 to 12 months before the unit outage. 

The programs, designed on a case-by-case basis, take all the aspects of a shutdown into consideration: quality of operations, safety and security, costs.

Our range of products and services is based on international teams of specialists. These teams boast several decades of experience in management of unit outages. Every year our teams take part in more than one hundred unit outages around the world.

Benefiting from best practices

Unit outage at Gravelines 3: closure of the steam generator tubes.

  • Reduced unit outage times thanks to action planning that is both streamlined and adhered to, and more effective coordination (single interface, detailed work preparation, etc.).
  • Improved definition of responsibility among people involved.
  • Possible reactivity in the case of a contingency.
  • The benefit of best practice: our teams have been sharing their world-class feedback for more than thirty years. They have mastered the best practices that they implement.
  • Customized programs established after assessment of all parameters of the unit outage.

Our services in detail

  • Organization of fuel reloading work site,
  • Coordination of subcontractor work,
  • Spare parts logistics,
  • Planning of specific maintenance operations,
  • Organization of waste management,
  • Preparation of documented intended for authorities,
  • etc.

This line of services can be integrated into a global solution of operational and maintenance services for the power plant.

Integrated range of services

With this offer, AREVA provides its customers with a global maintenance approach for power plants and/or component lifecycle management.

Nuclear work site assistance

With this range of services, AREVA becomes the sole interface of the operator to manage the multiple operations inherent to the organization of a work site.