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KERENA reactor: 1,250 MWe boiling water reactor

3D representation of the KERENA™ reactor

The KERENA reactor is a mid-power reactor. It is intended for all types of networks, especially mid-power electrical networks.

The KERENA reactor is distinguished from EPR and ATMEA1 reactors by the technology employed: boiling water. It is therefore suitable in particular for operators who have operational experience in this domain.

Designed on the basis of the latest reactors of the Gundremmingen power plant in Germany, the KERENA reactor uses proven technologies while incorporating innovative solutions, such as a significant number of passive safety features to back up active systems. E.ON, a leading European utility, has already shown strong interest in the KERENA™ design.

Like the EPR™ reactor, the KERENA reactor is a generation III+ model. It therefore has similar characteristics in terms of safety and environmental impact. Its performance makes its users more competitive thanks to reduced electricity production costs.

Safety, competitiveness, flexibility

3D representation of the KERENA reactor


  • Unrivalled level of safety:  Resistance to plane crashes and seismic vibrations; innovative safety system combining passive and active elements; core meltdown risk further reduced and minimization of the consequences from such an accident



  • Maximized electric production:   
    • Reliable components, proven technologies
    • shorter unit outages
  • Environmental protection:   

Reduction in fuel consumption per MWh and in production of long-life waste products (-15%), through an improved thermal efficiency

  • Simplicity:  The technology employed makes it possible to minimize construction time.
  • Reduced operating costs:  Reduction in fuel consumption and easier system maintenance.




Load following: The KERENA reactor can adjust its power output at a rate of 5% per minute (between 40% and 100% of its nominal power). This power change can even occasionally reach 30% per minute between 70 and 100% of its nominal power.
A choice of various fuels: The KERENA reactor can function with 5% uranium  enriched up to 5%, reprocessed uranium, or MOX.

Service life: 60 years

Integrated range of services

With this offer, AREVA provides its customers with a global maintenance approach for power plants and/or component lifecycle management.

The range of reactors

AREVA is responding to the needs of its clients by enlarging its power range with third generation models.