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Used Fuel Management

Storage of spent fuel in the pool of the AREVA La Hague reprocessing plant

New AREVA helps its customers to fully benefit from the energy potential of their spent fuel by recycling it. This option also enables them to condition their final waste and to reduce the volume and radiotoxicity and to neutralize the risk of fissile material proliferation.

New AREVA offers global management services for used fuel. We recycle plutonium and uranium in the form of MOX and ERU fuels. Customers opting for this global management process benefit greatly from nuclear energy - a recyclable energy.

Our group also offers a range of products and services covering all or part of the global provision, to suit customer needs as closely as possible.

Spent fuel treatment

This service includes the collection, transportation and treatment of used fuel.

Treatment is carried out at the New AREVA plant at La Hague (France). It consists of:

The final waste is sent back to customers in a standardized, stable form, reduced in both volume and radiotoxicity, not subject to international non-proliferation regulation.

Several industrial recycling models proposed by New AREVA allow used fuel recycling by adapting to both the customer’s needs and the different international regulatory environments. The standard model leads to the used fuel recycling and gets the MOX fuel assemblies and final waste back to the customer:

  • the standard model leads to the used fuel recycling and gets the MOX fuel assemblies and final waste back to the customer
  • the Top Mox
  • pre-recycling
  • ...

A solution limiting uncertainties and environment friendly

  • Waste containment : the non-recyclable materials are safely conditioned, in a stable matrix and standard fashion. Their volume is divided by a factor 5 and their radiotoxicity by a factor of 10 compared to direct disposal. Standardization of the waste packaging leads to a simpler storage and disposal.

  • Used fuel recycling has a stable and predictable cost. Direct disposal of used fuel has requires technologies that are still under development, which costs remain to be precisely assessed.

  • The flexibility from a diversified supply : the operator takes the full value of its used fuel inventories and builds up a diversified portfolio of fresh ful supply. 8 UOX assemblies recycled allow the fabrication of one Re-Enrcihed Uranium assembly and another of MOX.

  • A competitive solution: recycling does not affect the cost of nuclear power generation. It has a financial impact comparable to the direct disposal. It allows a 25% saving in uranium resources.

  • A solution perfectly aligned with non-proliferation goals: the final waste is free of fissionable material.

A high-performance, long-lasting industrial tool

Our offer uses New AREVA plants in La Hague and MELOX (France), together with our chemical processing and enrichment facilities.

La Hague and MELOX facilities are certified ISO 9001, 14001 and OHAS 18001. In addition, they were awarded for their operational excellence with the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Prize by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), respectively in 2016 and 2015.

Transportation is carried out through our transportation sector.

50 years experience

AREVA has already processed 33,000 tons of spent fuels and manufactured over 10,000 recycled fuel assemblies.