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Transport, packaging and storage solutions

New AREVA offers a comprehensive transportation, packaging solution and dry storage for nuclear materials and fuel assemblies. This further  augments the group's uranium cycle services.

Both front-end and back-end in the nuclear cycle, New AREVA offers:

  • Global transport solutions;
  • Packaging for moving or storing nuclear materials and fuel assemblies;
  • Casks dedicated to the storage of used fuel before final disposal.

The advantages of New AREVA service

  • A global network that brings a solution to all requirements, with a universally consistent quality of service and level of safety.
  • A strong knowledge of national ad international regulations, guaranteeing compliance with product and service safety standards.
  • Unparalleled experience: New AREVA has already managed more than 6,000 transport flows, of which 2,000 dedicated to irradiated materials, and offers over 150 packaging designs. More than 1,000 dry storage systems have been supplied.