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Fuel cycle management

Fuel supply and management are critical factors in the operation of a nuclear power plant. Security of supply, reduction in fuel cycle costs, and management of spent fuel and waste are major client concerns. AREVA responds with a series of solutions spanning the entire fuel cycle.

Whether they assign their entire fuel cycle management or just a part of it to AREVA, clients are provided with a response adapted to their particular needs.

At each of the stages of the fuel cycle, innovative solutions exist:

  • Front End: an array of services from uranium extraction to fabrication of fuel assemblies.
  • Back End: recovery solutions that utilize spent fuel while optimally reducing and treating the wastes produced.
  • Logistical services help strengthen the reliability of these solutions.

Clients benefit from:

  • Experience of a worldwide leader
  • A nearby sales network
  • The most high-performance technologies, thanks to major investments
  • Industrial capacities adapted to future needs
  • Unequaled diversification of mining and industrial assets.

A wide line of fuel assemblies

Nuclear fuel assemblies

The range of fuel assemblies applies to all types of boiling water- or pressurized water reactors. It integrates all stages of the cycle leading to the supply of fuel to clients.

Solutions for the entire uranium cycle

Mining operation in Canada

AREVA offers its clients a spread of proven industrial technologies and capacities adapted to their needs, addressing each step of the uranium cycle.

Optimized fuel and waste management

Storage of spent fuel in the pool of the AREVA La Hague

AREVA enables its customers to fully profit from the energy potential of their used fuel by recycling it.

Transport and packaging solutions

Loading a cask of Mox fuel on board ship bound for Japan

AREVA transports nuclear materials to its clients around the world, with a universally consistent quality of service and level of safety.