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Improving component availability

Two men inspecting and monitoring solenoid valves at Daya Bay 1 in China

Monitoring and diagnostics play an essential role in the safety and performance of nuclear power plants. They prevent the risk of component failure and increase their service life.

AREVA's solutions enable the constant monitoring of operating parameters, the availability and integrity of components and apparatus operating in a reactor. They prevent the risk of failure and assist with informed maintenance operations.

Their functions:

  • detecting vibrations,
  • repairing leaks and loose parts,
  • monitoring unusual wear on equipment,
  • recording electrical signatures for motors and actuators,
  • monitoring the operation of solenoid valves.

The range of services includes:

  • the comprehensive integrated service covering equipment 24/7,
  • the installation and startup of equipment,
  • regular online monitoring and interpretation of recorded data,
  • maintenance, standardization and updating of equipment.

Conditional maintenance in perspective

  • Conditional maintenance policy: given a global approach, our solutions enable us to provide a conditional maintenance policy.
  • A broad range of skills and advanced measuring techniques: rotating machinery monitoring; rotating machinery damage modelling; electrical signature analysis; acoustic leak monitoring; humidity measurement leak monitoring; vibration analysis; temperature measurement; etc.

Spare parts

An online service for quick ordering of spare parts

Technological innovation

AREVA's R& section helps to maintain a high quality level of nuclear services and reduce the length of outages.