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Ensuring the reliability of the systems

Maintenance on electrical cabinets in the Gravelines 3 nuclear power plant

AREVA provides maintenance services for all the electrical systems and instrumentation and controls in nuclear power plants.

The safety of a facility and its availability require electrical and instrumentation and control systems that are stable and reliable in all circumstances. AREVA services and tests the electrical and instrumentation and control systems used for operation and safety:

  • Instrumentation and controls for mining operations, reactor protection, sensors and transmitters
  • Instrumentation and controls relating to safety: Reactor protection, reactor power limitation, reactor controls and control rods, reactor instrumentation and radiation control systems
  • Core instrumentation: Measurement of neutron flows, temperature measurement
  • Electrical systems: Protection of turbo generators, transformers, clutches, emergency diesel generator sets, etc
  • The electrical maintenance of reactor coolant system pump motors and emergency pump motors
  • Electrical maintenance of transformers and switches.

A service adapted to the needs of each customer

  • Regular inspection and maintenance services during unit shutdowns.
  • Global long-term maintenance solutions for systems and subsystems.
  • Component life cycle management solutions, including maintenance and repair.

Integrated range of services

With this offer, AREVA provides its customers with a global maintenance approach for power plants and/or component lifecycle management.

Instrumentation and control

AREVA develops complex nuclear reactor control systems. The group is also involved in the modernization of existing systems.