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Industrial risk prevention and nuclear safety

Glass destorage facility control room fuel reprocessing plant, AREVA La Hague

There are specific risks associated with AREVA’s industrial operations, because they involve chemicals and radioactive materials. It is crucial to address these risks from the start, and prevention is always the preferred route. For the group, managing these risks is a priority and the operator’s primary responsibility. Every day, AREVA acts to ensure the highest level of safety at its facilities, to protect the health of workers and the public, and to preserve the environment.

AREVA’s risk management training center in Erlangen, Germany.

The Challenges

Risk management addresses human and organizational factors well in advance of operations and is based on considerable technological expertise. The right resources are required, in terms of skills and methods, but also in terms of communications.

An operator checks an assembly that is ready to depart the MELOX site

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear safety is an absolute priority for the group. This means preventing, monitoring, protecting and avoiding incidents of any kind, and minimizing the impacts on people and on the environment if one were nonetheless to occur. Stakeholder expectations are a part of nuclear safety.

Workers at the Taishan 1 EPR construction site, China.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are integral to AREVA’s business, and its policy is based on prevention. The group monitors its operations to make sure they are not harmful to anyone.

A man takes a freshwater sample

Environmental Preservation

AREVA is committed to reducing its facilities’ environmental footprint, despite the fact that their environmental impacts are already minimal.