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Best Practices and Recommendations!

The energy sector—nuclear energy in particular—is a source of ongoing debate. The general public is interested in energy and the challenges it poses for the future, and seeks greater transparency. As current energy challenges engage each and every one of us, they merit an honest and frank conversation which we invite you to take part through our social media platforms.  

To ensure that the dialogue remains open and respectful, we suggest these best practices and recommendations listed below.

  • Add something new to the debate by expressing a well-articulated and structured argument.
  • Respect other users’ opinions and contributions and the prior exchanges posted on the topic.
  • Make sure your comments are relevant to the topic at hand and to the particular discussion thread you are contributing to. Avoid off-topic comments.

Please avoid the following in your posts:

  • Illegal content, including that of an offensive, obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, threatening, racist or anti-Semitic nature. Similarly, that which condones crimes against humanity, or incites hatred or violence against individuals or entities, and attacks on human dignity is also forbidden. This particularly applies to content that is sexually abusive or concerns child pornography.
  • Statements that infringe on copyright laws, intellectual property rights, personal privacy, personal data protection, or those that violate current legislation or regulations.
  • Content of a pornographic nature, or that is contrary to accepted standards of good behaviour and law and order.
  • Content with sales, advertising or sponsorship purposes.
  • Do not insert hypertext links (URLs) in your messages to any site containing any of the prohibited content described above.
  • Do not use the discussion forums for abusive or dishonest ends, in particular (though not limited to) by introducing a virus, Trojan horse, or other harmful or fraudulent computer program

AREVA encourages open and transparent dialogue, and therefore, does not moderate comments a priori. However, the moderators reserve the right to remove without notice contributions (messages, commentary, photos, and videos) that violate these guidelines.