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Executive Commitee

The objective of the Executive Committee (COMEX) is to set the course for the company and ensure that decisions are implemented cohesively under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer. It provides the Chief Executive Officer with support for the management of the company and the implementation of the strategy and general policy defined by the Board of Directors.


New AREVA covers fuel cycle operations.
The COMEX is placed under the responsibility of Philippe Knoche.

Portrait Philippe Knoche

Philippe Knoche

Chief Executive Officer of New AREVA

Permanent members

  • Philippe KNOCHE - Chief Executive Officer
  • Pascal AUBRET - Recycling BU
  • Eric CHASSARD - AREVA Projects BU / Performance
  • Frédéric DE AGOSTINI - Logistics BU
  • Guillaume DUREAU - Customers / Strategy / Innovation / R&D
  • Stéphane LHOPITEAU - Finance / Legal Affairs
  • François NOGUE - HR / Communications / Real-estate / Working Environment
  • Jacques PEYTHIEU - Mining BU
  • Antoine TROESCH - Chemistry / Enrichment BU
  • Alain VANDERCRUYSSEN - Dismantling & Services BU