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Communication, an AREVA priority

The local press visit Socatri

Industrial and social responsibility makes communication a central priority. As the group’s activities can raise questions, AREVA understands and places great importance on transparency, providing information to all. This approach has been formalized in a communications strategy, based on clear principles: to create recognition and to be understood, to provide information and to encourage internal synergies.

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A communications strategy based on 4 initiatives

Visibility, education, dialogue, and cohesion: since 2001, AREVA's communication strategy has aimed to respond to these four priorities.


Sports partnerships mirroring the group image

Constant progress, excellence, diverse interests, enthusiasm and, of course, energy: qualities that AREVA uses to govern its sponsorship operations.


The Field Report, a global customer communication campaign

The campaign is a saga told through 24 topics and use dedicated content creation: films, interviews, articles, position papers.