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AREVA signs an agreement on equal opportunities with the European Metalworkers' Federation

Press release


December 22, 2006

Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, and Bart Samyn, Deputy Secretary General of the European Metalworkers' Federation, have signed an agreement on equality opportunities within the AREVA group in Europe.

The agreement puts the emphasis on equal treatment for employees regardless of sex, age, political beliefs, religion, physical features or ethnic origin. It especially deals with the topics of gender equality and hiring disabled people.

The initiative began in June 2005 when discussions were held with the European Works Council to evaluate and identify good practices in the thirteen European countries where AREVA is established. This was followed by negotiations with the European Metalworkers' Federation.

The agreement:

  • Lays down the main principles of equal opportunities (non-discriminatory hiring, equal access to promotion, access to scientific and technical careers for everyone, etc.);

  • Puts in place measures in favor of gender equality (equal pay for equal work, support for parenthood, etc.);

  • Promotes the employment of the disabled (full consideration given to applications, network of advisors in each unit, etc.);

  • Makes provisions for awareness actions to be carried out for those involved to ensure that attitudes change.

  • Provides for the implementation of relevant indicators to assess progress;

  • Commits AREVA to continuing discussions with the European Works Council as part of the implementation of this agreement.

AREVA is adopting a pragmatic and proactive approach to this initiative. Through the agreement the group hopes to confirm its commitment to equal opportunities and take the situation of each country into account.

Philippe Vivien, AREVA Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources says: "A professional mix is a factor for collective enrichment, social cohesion and economic effectiveness. Furthermore, this agreement should enable AREVA to play a role in supporting societal change in Europe".

Bart Samyn, Deputy General Secretary of the European Metalworkers' Federation says: "This innovative agreement goes much further than a simple declaration of intent. It expresses the true willingness of both parties to commit to harmonizing equality opportunities for the sexes and integrating disabled people into the AREVA group in Europe. It identifies the relevant indicators to assess progress made and suggests the setting up of a supervisory commission in which the European Works Council will play a key role".


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