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Patrick FAURE joins AREVA in its America's Cup adventure

News brief


October 10, 2006

As title partner of the French team in the 2007 America's Cup, and with a view to extending this partnership, AREVA approached Patrick Faure, former President of Renault F1, for advice on how the project could develop.

Patrick Faure's experience in managing large-scale sporting programs and the similarities between Formula 1 and the America's Cup will enable him to bring true added value to the development of the French project. AREVA Challenge will benefit from the experience of the person who, in just a few years, took Renault to the top of the podium.

Patrick Faure says: "The America's Cup is the Formula 1 of sailing. I am very happy to take part in this new adventure which will fly the French flag in a worldwide competition"."The opportunity to take advantage of Patrick Faure's expertise to continue this campaign into the next America's Cup is a unique situation. The Formula One and America's Cup competitions have many similarities and we look forward to using his fresh eyes to look into an even more competitive future". Stephane Kandler, CEO of AREVA Challenge.

Biographical Information

Patrick FAURE, an ENA graduate, was born in Périgueux (France) on May 12, 1946. He became a civil administrator at the French deposits and consignment office in 1972 and CEO of Gelbon in 1977. He joined Renault in 1997 as manager of the Toulouse branch. He went on to become manager of Renault Austria (1981), manager of Renault Great Britain (1982), manager of public affairs and communication (1985) and general secretary for the group (1988).

Patrick Faure has been chairman of Renault Sport since 1991. He became CEO of Renault VI in 1998 and deputy manager of Renault and president of the Renault F1 Team in 2001. In late 2004 Patrick Faure resigned as deputy manager and member of the group's Executive Committee, a position he had held since the committee was set up in 1987. From January 2005 to March 2006, Patrick Faure concentrated solely on his work as President of Renault F1.