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Fraudulent emails

February 27, 2017

For several weeks, the group has seen a new outbreak of fraudulent emails under AREVA’s name. Sent by persons with malicious intent and using the name AREVA LOTO, these emails contain false information which does not come from AREVA.

Known as “phishing”, this activity consists of retrieving some of your personal or banking information fraudulently in order to get money from you. To do this, these “hackers” send emails or text messages, among other things, bearing the name of large companies (like AREVA) or banks.

To prevent the theft of your personal and banking information, never send such information by email, under any circumstances. This especially concerns:

  • your credit card number(s),
  • your banking particulars,
  • your social security number.

The same is true for text messages asking for this type of information, which you should never answer if they appear suspicious and/or you don’t know the sender.

AREVA never sends emails, text messages or voice messages about getting money.