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Nuclear power generation will continue to rise in OECD countries


October 10, 2002

According to a recent report of the OECD entitled "Nuclear Energy Data", nuclear power generation in OECD countries is expected to grow 0.7% per year from 2001 to 2010. Demand for electricity will grow by around 2.2% per year over the same period. The 360 reactors currently in operation in OECD countries have a combined installed capacity of 305 gigawatts electric (GWe). Eleven reactors are currently under construction in the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Firm orders have been issued for 12 more units, or 13.6 GWe. The combined installed nuclear generating capacity of OECD countries should therefore rise 5% by 2005 and 8% by 2010.
For more information, go to (report ref. OECD, Paris 2002, ISBN 92-64-09899-2).