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Management of the environment : COGEMA La Hague certified ISO 14001

Press release

May 16, 2001

The COGEMA La Hague Plant has recently obtained ISO 14001 certification for " Interim storage, the reprocessing of nuclear fuels, and the processing and conditioning of recyclable material and waste ".

This certification, awarded by the AFAQ (French Quality Control Agency) after a thorough audit, is proof of the commitment and will of the COGEMA La Hague Plant to control the impact its activity has on the environment.  Now that the COGEMA plants of La Hague, Cadarache and Melox all possess ISO 14001 certifications, the entire process of spent fuel recycling and reprocessing is certified.

The efforts of the COGEMA Group concerning environmental management systems have born fruit since 1999 with the awarding of certificates covering a wide range of activities from mining to MOX fuel production. The COGEMA Group aims to achieve certification in these other activities before the end of 2002. This recognition, by independant organizations, is proof of the constant concern of the staff of the COGEMA Group regarding the protection of the environment.