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COGEMA has dismantled the device installed by Greenpeace on the La Hague discharge pipe

Press release

June 29, 2000

On Thursday June 29th, in the early afternoon, COGEMA dismantled the device which Greenpeace, in total disregard of safety considerations had installed on the effluent discharge pipe of the La Hague plant. The operation was conducted in accordance with COGEMA's statutory and industrial responsibilities pertaining to public safety and environmental conservation. It look place in satisfactory technical conditions.

However, a COGEMA diver required a hand operation after Greenpeace divers tried to prevent the video recording of the operations. This disregard for public safety and intolerance are diametrically opposed to the COGEMA view of its activities, which must be calm and scientifically supported to be as transparent and objective as possible.  Reconditioning operations on the plant's discharge pipe can be seen on the internet site.