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Senate Chairman Christian Poncelet visits COGEMA La Hague

Press release

November 09, 1999

Press Background Senate Chairman Christian Poncelet visits the COGEMA La Hague site November 9, 1999 accompanied by COGEMA Chairman & CEO, Anne Lauvergeon During a visit to the Manche Department organized by Jean-François Le Grand, Senator and Chairman of the Departmental Council, Mr. Christian Poncelet, Chairman of the French Senate, visited the COGEMA La Hague spent fuel reprocessing plant.

Mrs. Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman and CEO of COGEMA, greeted them at the site. Mr. Poncelet visited the plant's principal facilities accompanied by a delegation of Senators from the Manche Department composed of Jean-François Le Grand, Anne Heinis and Jean Bizet and by Representative Claude Gatignol. The Senate Chairman praised the policy of openness and public information practiced by COGEMA and the Manche Departmental Council, both for the material aspects of La Hague plant operations and for their environmental impacts.

The Chairman also expressed satisfaction on the advances made in France in the spent fuel reprocessing field, adding that he hoped this technology of the future continues to grow insofar as it offers a solution for the final disposal of highly toxic waste.