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Opinion survey conducted in Manche Department

Press release

May 18, 1999

The COGEMA La Hague site plans to conduct an opinion survey among residents of the Manche Department  COGEMA La Hague chose the Institut d'Etudes BVA to conduct the survey of residents' knowledge and opinions on the site and its activities from May 25 to June 1, 1999.
A sample group of 1,000 people 18 years old and up will be polled by telephone. By focusing on residents of the Manche Department, the poll, an offshoot of national Nuclear Barometer public hearings held each year, will help us gain a better understanding of their attitudes in our regard and ultimately enable us to meet their expectations more fully.
The poll was designed to be regularly repeated and its results will be made public. It is an extension of the program of open communications set up by COGEMA La Hague.