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Work resumes on sea discharge pipe for radioactive effluents from the COGEMA-La Hague plant

Press release

April 14, 1999

On April 9, COGEMA began work to reposition the sea discharge pipe from La Hague so that it is no longer uncovered during very low tides. The first few meters of the existing pipe will be replaced by flexible hosing inside a steel pipe sleeve and covered with concrete saddles, making them inaccessible to members of the public during low tides.

Before repositioning work begins, borehole samples will be taken of sediments near the pipe from a platform anchored in Moulinets Cove. The samples will be used for radiological mapping of the area, as requested by the safety authorities. The self-elevating platform will counter the effects of the weather and of movements in the sea. Some thirty people will be involved in the project, which should last until next November.

The project has been presented to and approved by the nuclear safety and radiation protection authorities (Nuclear installation safety directorate, Office for protection against ionizing radiation), which will oversee its implementation.

In addition, following presentation of the project to the Special Standing Committee for Information (CSPI) set up near the site, the Committee delegated authority for sampling and analysis of the work area to the Western Association for Radioactivity Control (ACRO) for the duration of the project.