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Fourth return of vitrified residues to Japan

Press release

February 23, 1999

On February 3, 1999, FEPC, COGEMA and BNFL announced that the date of departure, name of the vessel and departing port would be communicated one or two days before the actual departure.

In accordance with such announcement, we herewith communicate that the two casks which contain 40 canisters of vitrified residues will be loaded on the Pacific Swan.
The ship will leave the Cherbourg port in France on Thursday 25 February 1999 (French Time). In Cherbourg, a press meeting point will be opened at the Mercure Hotel from 2 PM on Wednesday 24 February 1999. The maritime route will be communicated one day after the departure of the ship, i.e. on 26 February 1999.