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A delegation of member of parliament at COGEMA La Hague belonging to France-Germany friendship groups of the National Assembly

Press release

July 11, 2001

On July, 11, 2001, a delegation of member of parliament belonging to France-Germany friendship groups of the National Assembly and the Bundestag have visited the COGEMA La Hague plant.

This delegation was led by Mr. Jean-Marie Bockel, former minister, deputy of the Haut-Rhin, president of the France-Germany friendship group of the French National Assembly, and by Mr. Andreas Schokenhoff, deputy of Ravensburg, president of the Germany-France friendship group of the Bundestag. It has been welcomed at Cherbourg-Maupertus's Airport by Mr. Claude Gatignol, deputy of La Manche, vice-deputy of the " Conseil Général " , also member of the France-Germany friendship group.

The French and German deputies, with Mr. François Scheer, ambassador of France, diplomatic councellor with COGEMA, have also visited with Michel Pouilloux, director of COGEMA La Hague, the environmental monitoring station and have taken samples outside the plant before analysing it in the Analysis Laboratory.

After the visit, Mr. Bockel underlined : " the visit of the COGEMA La Hague plant, very interesting, well shows the culture of transparency, the high technological level, the constant involvement of safety in respect for the environment of COGEMA. " On his own, Mr. Schkenhoff said : " The COGEMA La Hague plant will continue to be vital for the supply of energy in Europe. The visit of French German delegation was very useful as far as COGEMA does an excellent work for public information".

This visit comes within the framework of the exchanges regularly organized between the friendship groups in order to strengthen the dialogue between institute.