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COMURHEX' Pierrelatte site lands ISO 14001 certification

Press release

November 15, 2001

COMURHEX Pierrelatte site has just won ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. The award was made by AFAQ*, the French quality assurance association. The certification covers all of the activities at COMURHEX' Pierrelatte site, which converts both natural uranium and that resulting from the reprocessing of spent fuels. The site also produces fluoride and fluoride-based products.

The ISO 14001 standard has two goals: defining requirements for limiting industrial activities' impact on the environment and setting objectives for continual improve-ment in preventing pollution. ISO 14001 certification recognizes the performance of environmental management systems in meeting those requirements and encourages an approach based on progress. With this award, COMURHEX Pierrelatte site follows in the footsteps of the Company's Malvesi site, which obtained ISO 14001 certification in April 2001.

This latest certification provides further confirmation that COGEMA's industrial facilities can carry out their activities while respecting and protecting the environment.

Several other COGEMA facilities have received this environmental qualification: the "Société des Mines de visite_mines_jouac_en.jpg", McClean Lake (Canada), Mines and Resources Australia Pty Ltd (for exploration activities), the mining division of La Crouzille (for storing depleted uranium at Bessines), COGEMA's Cadarache and La Hague sites, and MELOX in France.

*Association Française pour l'Assurance Qualité