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MELOX wins French quality award

Press release

November 07, 2001

MELOX*, has been awardeed, with Steelcase the Prix Français de la Qualité, (Large Group Subsidiary and Unit category). The President of the Mouvement Français pour la Qualité (MFQ) who sponsors this award presented the prize to Roland Jacquet, the MELOX plant general manager, at an official ceremony at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry in Paris.Created in 1992 by the MFQ and the Industry Ministry, this award recognizes companies, institutions and public services for excellence achieved through Quality programs and initiatives.

The assessment criteria include management team commitment, the personnel's contribution to ongoing improvement, sensitivity to clients and environmental integration.MELOX has made quality and client satisfaction central concerns since its founding in 1995. Reflecting this commitment since 1999 is its single quality management manual, which addresses the company's key challenges and goals: Quality, Security and Environmental Protection.
This Total Quality Management approach for achieving excellence in every area, combined with the company's outstanding expertise, ensures MELOX's position as a global benchmark in its business sector.

* MELOX, a COGEMA Group subsidiary, has fabricated MOX fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants since 1995.